7.92mm Unknown Dummy/Drill

Can anyone please ID the 7.92 Dummy/Drill shown in the attached pictures?
Sorry about the quality but they are a digital image from a plain paper copy.

Ian [/img][/url]

Sorry didn’t get the pics first time

I am a computer illiterate, but I don’t believe you have posted anything that can be opened up with those numbers. Maybe I am wrong, but I can’t.
You should post a complete discription of the cartridge if you can’t post a photo, or else have someone else like Tony Edwards post the photo for you by sending it to him as an email attachment. You allude to the fact that the photos aren’t that good, so perhaps a complete description would be helpful even if the photos can be opened.

With no description, it will be hard for anyone to help you, I think.

Let me know if I am wrong about the codes used in this posting not being in a form that can be opened by anyone.

I think I have one with similar knurling that was ID’d as Polish pre-WWII. I’ll check and confirm.

Your dummy IS a Polish pre-WWII exercice round. Its actual designation was

7,9 mm naboj szkolny nowego wzoru

which means “7,9 mm exercise cartridgen new model”

The fake unperforated primer pocket coul be :

-left empty,
-filled with a black rubber plug,
-or filled with a copper plug.

in order to protect the striker point.

At least 6 other types of Polish pre-WII dummies did exist, this one being the most commonly encountered.

Very cordially


To confirm, that is exactly what I have, but with the rubber primer.


Thanks for the information. John sorry about the problem with the pictures.

Kind regards.