7.92x24 mm VBR Dummy cartridge

The VBR-B 7.92x24mm caliber is at first developed in Belgium by Rik Van Bruaene on 14 April 2005 with as main goal a new defense cartridge for the typical PDW use.
The first offical pressure measurements and shooting test where carried out at the belgian Proof House for Firearms at Liege on 31 October 2006.
The cartridge is presented for C.I.P. homologation.
The 7.92 VBR-B cartridge makes use of a special projectile technology which is patented in Belguim by the Belgiun patent BE 1015378.Also other existing standard bullets can be loaded on the 7.92x24mm cases.
Different arms manufactures have already started an investigation to make a 7.92x24mm conversion set for there own weapons. The evolution of these weapons and ammunition can be followed at the website vbr-belgium.be
Next to the 7.92x24mm VBR-Belgium makes armor piercing bullets in the most common calibers like 9x19 , .357 SIG , .40 S&W and .45 Auto

From left to the right

7.92 C2F , 7.92 AP , 7.92 BAP , 7.92 FMJ , 7.92 P2F

Are those dummies turned from a single piece of brass bar stock, or are the cases and bullets seperate?

Falcon these dummy’s are from a single piece of brass bar stock .


Were these dummies made for functioning tests, or for gifts and collectors?


I think special for collectors

VBR-B the dummy cartridges for ammunition collectors contains no ammunition components which can be abused and fall as a result entirely outside the weapon law. Because of this are these dummy cartridges saleable without a license. It is possible for ammunition collectors who do not have a license to collect these dummy cartridges without offence of the weapon law.


Thanks for confirming that Gyrojet, I thought they looked like they were made from solid bar.