7.92x24 VBR rounds

See on YouTube for an introduction to this new PDW caliber:

Where can I get some of this new ammunition?

This ammo is not available yet, but follow the link for some dummy’s to order:
fsdip.com/website/Home/Engli … fault.aspx

I don’t suppose anybody has had any luck acquiring any of these dummy 7.92x24 cartridges from VBR yet? I have tried emailing Rik van Braune a few times and placing an order over the past few months, but I never get a response???

Wow! Thanks for the link. I am still amazed by the vast variety of things on youtube. …There’s also this video showing the VBR AP bullets designed for standard pistol cartridges.
youtube.com/watch?v=IXR63IFD … re=related

I’ve sent request to order dummy round but failed get any respond. Looks like nobody carry about orders or company is dead :(

It seems to look that way, which is strange since there have been recent posts to Youtube.com (past several months) of VBR related videos which come directly from VBR. I know that sometime in the past year that Leonardo Penna and Rik van Brauene had some collaboration on their weapons systems, and the P7000 from QS Progetta… (Leonardo’s company) actually made a chambering in 7.92x24mm, which I thought was strange since these two are essentially competitors in the same market. I know that Leonardo Penna is very receptive to emails and outside questions even though his website is very limited and offers no such mention of collector or dummy rounds. But on the VBR site there is a whole page devoted to advertising and pricing of the VBR dummy rounds with no primer pocket, yet they don’t respond to emails… Strange.

Oddly enough, VBR just replied last night to my email from over a month ago asking about dummy rds. They said they will be having a new run of dummy rds made in April, and at that time they will ship out orders…