7.92x33 box


I have a box of 7.92x33 Kurz. It has 3 chargers with the following on them:
I do not doubt their authenticity. They actually came together with a real MP-44 bring-back many years ago (unfortunately not to me). My question is about the box itself which is a plain thick brown box with nothing written on it. I have other boxes which have been re-packaged in early 60’s and they have labels. Is my unlabelled box an original one or just a fluke?


If your box is of the typical German pattern, perhaps the glued-on label simply came off. They usually stick pretty well, but I have had a couple of 9mm Luger boxes in my collection where, after 60 years, the label glue finally gave up the ghost and the label fell off. In one case, there wasn’t much sign left that the box ever had a label, whereas the other one you could see where the label was not only by glue remnants, but also by fading of the box around where the label was. I simply glued the labels back on, of course. Just one possibility.


Your box is original.

The answer is very easy. 1944 they were sometimes limited in paper for the box label. (Lot of allied bombing attacks in Germany)

The single box had no label. They only put one label on the