7,92x33 holder

Can anyone tell me what this was used for please…

The first pic shows the plastic item, the second shows the open end where the blank would fit…I think. There is a small hole at the other end which is bullet shaped. so any gasses would escape through that hole…thanks…paul.

22 rim fire blank adapter.
The ones I’ve seen before has the hole for the 22 blank off center so the normal center fire firing pin would set the blank off.

Thanks Gregg…now all I have to do is find out who made it and when, also why it was used, and not just a blank…paul.

Great item. I did an internet search with no results. It looks current. I wonder who made these???


I got it with a bunch of stuff which came from France, and the guy there could not remember where he got it from. I also drew a blank!!! no pun…paul.

I think the one you are looking for is the same as this one:


It is the first one on the list and the note I have says it was manufactured by SYNTOWN MINIATURES, UDIMORE SUSSEX, ca 1986. Unfortunately no other info other than that. The cartridge was originally in the Erlen Meyer collection


Daan… thats great, many thanks…paul.

the pics were removed because i deleted them from my photobucket account, so here they are again.

Paul, I’m not sure how this would work if a rimfire cartridge is used, so I believe that maybe it was made to handle a type 209 primer. Regards, Fede.

I dont know why it was made, what would be the purpose of it? just to make a bang! Do you think they could be used more than once?