7.92x33 Kurz Boxes for ID


Is this an East German box? The earlier ones had the violet stamp, this one shows a date of 1961, am I right?

No clue about this one. Czech?
The box inside is marked ggk 194, which I assume is Aktiengessellschaft f


The first ones are definitely East German, I have a few of those myself…

The second one…looks Polish to me…


The second one is definitely Czech; “naboj” is Czech for “cartridge”.


“Naboj” is also Polish for “cartidge” (from box labels, it would seem that it is “naboja” in the plural, whereas Czech is “nabojo” in plural). However, the box is Czech, not Polish. I have the same box but with the information filled in.

The line that says “Vyrobni data_______” has “1945” stamped in with red ink on my box. The line that says “Spatrebovat do______” has a “6” and another word that is illegible, but appears to be “mesfe-” (the dash indicates a letter that I can’t even guess at - the whole word is very small print and badly stamped). That is also stamped with red ink.

This box is for repacked German (I use that term in the sense of Germany and all the occupied countries) ammunition. The box specimens I retained (I do NOT keep full boxes) as examples are headstamp “aux - St 10 45” and “ak - St 4 45”, representing manufacture from Polte in Germany and Munitionsfabriken vormals Sellier & Bellot, Prag, Fabrik in Vlasim, respectively.

There are some Czech manufactured 7.9 x 33 Kurzpatronen as well. In my tiny collection of Kurz I have an NPE lacquered-steel case with no headstamp, and a typical Czech blackened primer, and one that looks German-era, a ball round with lacquered-steel case, and steel primer cup with a blue primer seal, headstamped, however, “SB - 1 46” in an equidistant 4-place headstamp. There are probably others. As I say, I have a very small Kurz collection.


Thank you both!
John, I don’t know how you see my pictures because the stamped 1945 is there, so is the ilegible stampings on the line below!


Fernando - Sorry I missed those markings. They are very light on my screen. Also, my computer desk sits right in front of a large window. It is a very grey day here and my eyes are grey-sensitive. I need sun glasses when driving on a grey day much more than I do on a sunny day. Between my screen and the glare, I simply did not notive them. I can see them now, very, very lightly. I apologize. Your box is identical to mine.