7.92x33 Kurz Czech box

May someone with better knowledge of Czech translate this label? Especially the last two lines.

Rough translation:
15 pieces
7,92mm Ball cartridge 43 (ie, PP43)
for Submachinegun “N” ( German)
(original )Manufacture Date 1945
(?Repack/Inspection? ) 1955
??? 6 May ???

The Czechs actually adopted the MP44/StG 44 for some years after WWII as their prime “Assault Rifle” (SAMOPAL actually translates as “Submachinegun”), even making new magazines(for themselves and DDR) and assembling left over parts from WW II. They also manuyfactured some of their own ammo on existing (Czech) Machinery.

By 1955, the SturmGewehr was no longer in general service, and began being “given” to African freedom fighters etc; so the ammo was checked and repacked as necessary prior to disposal.

Most of this ammo probably is now rusting away in some Ethiopian or Central African dump…last view of StG44s in use was 1990s in the Ethiopia-Somalia War, in the hands of Somali fighters…some were collected during the UN incursion into Somalia (“Black-Hawk Down” time).

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  • @ sksvlad: Vit Krema from the Czech Republic can tell you exactly the meaning of those markings. He writes on this forum. — 7.92X33 Kurz ammo was also manufactured in late 1950s and sometimes it can be found. Liviu 10/12/07

This is repack wartime cartridges with limited time service life. Verbatim exact translation:

                 15 Pieces

7,90 mm short cartridge 43
For submachine gun - N ( N- czech shortcut Nemeck