7.92x33 kurz variant info


Here’s a couple links I stumbled across which have some great info for the Spanish and Argentinian made variants of the 7.92x33 kurz ammo:



Those links came from a page all about the STG44 / MP44 which has some great photos of the gun and German ammo here:



Weren’t the three Argentine test StG44s all hand made?


Years ago when I visited the “Domingo Matheu” Military Factory Museum, I have the opportunity of examine the argentine and the german assault rifles, the only differences are the markings, if the argentine variant is hand made or more properly a tool room sample, you could not note the difference.


By hand made, I didn’t mean Khyber Pass style “hand made”. I knew they were “hand made” in a proper factory with the proper tools. I meat “hand made” as opposed to mass produced on automated machinery.


Are the muzzle velocities noted for the heavy (pesada) ball, red and green tracers for real? 220 m/s works out to about 722 fps. I didn’t think anybody loaded subsonic 7.92 Kurz rounds, especially tracers.


Those are not 7,9 mm kurz but 7,92 x 33 mm Subcalibre Rega



Are the Rega


The 7,92 x 33 mm Rega