7.92x33 Kurzpatrone 43

I need pictures from the boxes Pistolenpatronen 43 m.E. between 1944 aux 65 until 1944 aux 70 and the box 1944 aux 74 for my book about the development and production of the 7,9mm Kurzpatrone 43.


Norbert Berg

Hello Norbert,
A picture of 1944 aux 74 (not in my possession)

Hallo Kurt,

thanks for the picture.

Is the label on a normal 8x57 box or a 20.er 7.92x33 box?

Do you have also pictures from other box labels? Perhaps I miss one in my book.

Norbert Berg


Hallo Norbert,

I don’t know if the 1944aux74 label is on a 8x57 or a 7,92x33 box. I will send you all the pictures I have. I don’t collect 7,92x33, but I saved a lot of box-labels during the past years.

I’ll send you different mails, starting with “ak”.

With kind regards,