7.92X56 Mauser Q's

I have 10 rounds of AP 8mm Mauser

Sorry about the bad picture

Does anyone know the value of these?



What have are Romanian 7.9 x 57mm ball rounds. Lots of this was imported to the US 10 to 15 years ago.

What makes you think those are AP?

I have an AP from 1977, looks about the same. Just an assumption.

bdgreen, do you know what the price for these would be?

The thing is that there are no Romanian APs are know to have been made.

Can you show your round in question?

I can’t speak for the US but these were shootnig ammo in Europe too and value is pretty much that of any recent years surplus in this caliber. Means like 30 cent to 1 USD or Euro.

I was looking at a book, then I had a duh moment.
These are Romanian, and I was looking at a German book

What is the value of the ammo shown above(10 rnds in 2 clips)?


Fred, for shooting ammo I saw these at gun shows for 20~30 cent per round loose.
Stripper cliped adds about $1~1.50 to the price of 5 rounds. A sealed box peobably doubled the price.
I can not speak as to collectore pricing…

In Europe half a € max per round for collecting. And take care of the gun when you shoot them because these rounds are corrosive.

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14 years ago a 340 round spam can was $40 to $45 here in the US.
Today you might get 70 cents to $1 per round.

I pulled bullets on some of them, and they were a steel core( A small magnet was set on the core, and stuck to it without moving to the jacket)
My guess would be a light AP for that reason


It still is normal ball loads.

From the above listed thread, a quote from Livi’s translation of markings on Romanian crate and spam can “@ Fede: Very nice pictures, thank you!!! On top of the box is the number “2” inside of a triangle showing the “cargo classification”; it also should be stamped the crate “weight” in Kilograms [Kg] and let’s remember that 1 Kg = 2.205 lbs. => The markings are: “7,92” [caliber in “mm”]; “LPS” [Bullet type -> “Light ball with mild steel core”]; “GS” [Cartridge case material -> GS - “Steel cartridge case”]; “Md71” [ammo index -> “Mod.1971”]; “S28-78-22” [Lot number / “S28”, year of manufacture / “78” for 1978 and ammo plant #22 for “Sadu” factory from Bumbesti-Jiu, Gorj county, Romania]; “VT 9/78 U” is the “propellant data” [type of propellant “VT”, propellant lot number “9”, year of propellant manufacture “78” for “1978” and propellant factory code “U”]; “340 buc” [number of rounds in the green metal box]; “PE LAME” [the rounds are on stripper clips].”

The Romanian designation is LPS (as of the wooden crate they came in). The steel cores are not hardened, otherwise the cartridges could not have been offered here in Germany.

“56mm instead of 57mm”
I measured mine, and they were 55.42mm.

No worries, they are made for weapons chambered in 7.92x57, this is what counts.

Thank you for your help.