7,92x57 4 stab crimp unheadstamped


This 7,9 round has a magnetic chromed projectile with a brass cases unheadstamped 4 stab crimped primer. The round has some wax at the mouth. primer pocket looks like it might have had a circular crimp that was swaged. No other signs of reloading other than sharp line at intersection of shoulder and neck.



Post-war CZ SmE. Some cartridges with head stamps, some with out. Some lots have primer sealant, some don’t. The 4 stab crimp and the nickeled SmE bullet are the common identifying feature found on all types. Also seen with the brass plated primer cup, as shown here, and a galvanized steel cup, again, with or with out head stamps, primer seals etc. JH


Thanks Jim.




Take a look here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3881



Yes, now that my brain woke up, I have examples mentioned and the boxes them came in.



[quote=“xjda68”]Yes, now that my brain woke up, I have examples mentioned and the boxes them came in.


Joe, I am late with my thoughts but do your boxes have any markings or labels?



These rounds came in 15 round boxes with out labels, an earlier thread on the subject: iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3881

And I have seen some of these boxes in person and those boxes had no labels nor any evidence of having had a label.


Brian, thanks! I understand the boxes are just regular ones just without labeling then?



Yes, they appeared to be regular 15 round boxes without labels.


Early Post-War Czech assembly, using old stocks of “German” primers , projectiles and cases, hence the steel ZdH30/40 type primers, etc.

Nice find.


Yes, all the boxes I have are unmarked and non-embossed plain German WWII style boxes.



The same Czech rounds with the clandestine headstamps as noted above, are also in the same type box, but with a pink 30mm wide paper glue tape seal sealing the tucked in flap.



Joe, you got images of that one?



Sure, they are all magnetic projectiles. I have not pulled any to determine what designation the rounds are. Some have a bit of wax at the rim of the neck. Some the annealing at neck and shoulder was not polished off.



Joe, great images! Thanks a lot!