7.92x57 APT

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Was the 7.92 Mauser APT round strictly a M.G. round, or was it Issued to ground troops with a bolt action rifle as well?

I don’t know but why do bolt-action soldiers need tracer capability? I thought tracers were needed to guide a machine gun fire.

Tracer is also used for target indication. For example; if a sharp-eyed rifle-carrying soldier spots a potential target hiding behind a rock amongst hundreds of other rocks he can point out that target to the rest of the squad by firing a tracer round at the target. The squad then put fire down on the area where the tracer landed.

Yes, used in rifles. Several 15 round box labels are known indicating chargers. Perhaps Phil Butler would post a few. JH

Here are a few German APT (S.m.K. L

Wow, great boxes. I wish I could collect German 7,9… there is just so much interesting stuff out there! Never saw S.m.K “i.L.” before, but it does make sense. In modern military practice, a squad leader or platoon leader will often carry a magazine of tracers to mark or indicate targes for his troops.
Example: “Squad, concentrate your fire on my tracer rounds!”. No doubt this tactic was used during WWII also.


THANKS everyone for their input and pictures!!!