7.92x57 "auy S* 1 42" B-Patrone


This is also my 1st B-Patrone. How do you guys store them? Any special pre-cautions?


Most people handle these as normal cartridges.

Certainly, they should not be tossed around or ever put into an inertia-type bullet puller. There is one known instance of a “flare out” with one - that is, a collector who opened a drawer and found a ruined cartridge with a big burn spot underneath it. As you know, these “Obervation rounds” are actually a form of incendiary round, not designed specifically for any explosive effect as some people attribute to them. They simply used a firing-pin-activated ingnition system rather than a “burn-out” plug and air contact alone with the incendiary material. Some people chose to keep them on separate for their collections either in metal cans, or set out on some non-flammable material, like a concrete floor or the like. Most just put them in the cabinet with their other rounds.

The one instance seems to be a “freak” but it was real and reported by a highly reputable collector of much knowledge, in Europe.