7.92x57 Blank ID

Red wood bullet blank. Brass case w/ knurled cannelure near case head.

Headstamp reads " F y P 7.92 - 946". The “946” may be wrong as there is a dent on the case head from its earlier use.

This one I can’t figure out. Who made it? Who used it? and while I have been enlightened by an eariler thread as to what what “F y A” means, I need some learning on “F y P”.


I dont think that the hdst. is F y P, maybe it

The case your blank is in was made by F

I have a 7.92x57mm Spanish ball round headstamped F N P 7.92

DGFM, John and Phil,

Thank you for the input on this one. Here is the side view to complete the thread.

Interesting to see the same tired bunter used on two very distant cartridges. Is the “946” a lot number or perhaps the last three digits of the year?

Again, thanks,

The 946 are the last 3 digits of the year.

Your blanks are probably of Spanish loading, but I don’t know what factory reloaded the fired cases into blanks. Very possibly done at Palencia, but I am just not sure. Perhaps Schneider knows.

All of my variations for “946” had the full “N” in the headstamp, but I have a “948” date with the same leg broken off the bunter making it appear like an odd-shaped “Y.” As I said, Spanish headstamping has its ups and downs.

You are right, this a Palencia product with a damaged “N” in FNP.

The Palencia factory was established in 1937 as a branch from the Toledo arsenal. Machinery and workforce came from Toledo.

Anyway if the case is a fired one, reloaded later, it was most probably not loaded in Palencia. They have not reloaded ammo except during wartime.

One exception is the 7.92 mm dummy with FNP 1941 or FNP 1944 overstamped over “E K”. But I think that greek new cases, remaining from the civil war of 1936-39, were used. These were loaded as ball, dummy and crimped for blanks. It seems that only the greek cases were available in quantiites large enough to be worth using them.

In this thread you can find a box of Palencia wooden bulleted blanks. These are normally tinted blue, but red wood bullets are also known.