7.92x57 BPD 1953

This is an Italian 7.92x57 BPD box from 1953. Was this purely commercial export oriented production or Italy used German armament after the war? Also, why there is “1953” on the box and “953” on the headstamp?

They have been primarly for exportation .I have a dummy round with the same hds

Yes, we had this item before.


These cartridges (ball, tracer and drill) showed up in Spain too. The Spanish factories were in full production of this caliber at the time, so it’s not likely that Spain purchased italian ammunition. I remember vaguely to have heard about a shipment to other country seized by the Spanish Navy.

Vlad - In Italy, the year-date can be written with two digits, three digits or four digits. Of course, in the USA, we generally use two-digit or four-digit forms of the year-date. The Spanish often use the three-digit form also.

There is nothing to be read into this usage other than the date itself; that is, nothing special is connotated by the number of the digits in the expressed year-date.