7.92x57 Chinese

I just got these, guys at the shop told me it was Chinese. Regardless, what’s the meaning of “x” after 9 and 10?

Vlad - your cartridges are Chinese, produced at what was called under the Nationalist rule, the 20th Arsenal. It was established in 1938 with resources from both the Chungking and the Nanking ammunition factories.

Unlike cartridges produced during the Nationalist period, these were made under Communist rule, and the year dates are in the Julian Calender, not the Chinese Republican Calender.

I don’t know anyone that knows what the “X” found after various entries on some of the headstamps signifies. The same lots and dates are found with and without it. Sorry I can’t help there. Sometimes, the “X” is after the year, rather than the month (lot).

Reference: JLM notes
"A guide to Chinese Headstamps, 1880-1950," by Curtis, High and Woodin, IAA Journal Issue 420, Jul/Aug 2001, pages 30 - 34

The Dating system adopted by the PRC in October 1949 was the Gregorian system (adopted mid-1600s by the Catholic world, in 1750s by the Protestant world, and by Soviet Russia in 1918…The Russians had used the ancient Julian ( after Julius Caeser) calendar system before the Revolution…as a Result, the “October Revolution” actually happened in November 1917 as far as the rest of the world is concerned. (11-12 days difference).
Imperial Russia maintained the Julian Calendar so long because of the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church ( like all the Orthodox Churches) refused to recognise the improved accuracy of the Gregorian system

The Chinese Nationalist system used the year of the foundation of (SunYat Sen) Republic as their year 1; so up to 1949, their “years” were 11 off the Western calendar (1948==year 37).

Anyway, all this is by-the-by…The cartridges shown were made in that “interregnum” period before the PRC settled down to a fully (Soviet inspired, but typically Chinese)
coded system of headstamping, and so used either the old Nationalist “logo” system of factory ID, or a different “coded” system of letters and numbers.

THis ammo was probably made for the Chinese “Volunteers” in Korea, as well as for Internal use, given the dating.

Nothing spectacular about this ammo, 154grain Flat based Bullet ( like the German WW I loading) , .217 Berdan primer, corrosive and probably mercuric–copy of the German ZdH88; and Powder which could be either Flake or Tubular.

Sorry JM, but I had to make this post re: “Julian calendar”, because I have noted this in your posts previously.

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Doc - don’t apologize. I thought we were currently using the Julian calender. That’s how much I know. Hell, these days, I don’t even know what month it is anymore, much less the day. Maybe I should start actually living by the Julian calender, instead of the Gregorian calender. I like ancient things - I am becoming one rapidly.


It’s OK. Buy yourself a watch with the little date thing. Then you’ll know that today is the 30th of February. At least that’s what mine says.

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I am getting on as well (60 in a couple of weeks…and right now, I feel like 90 with all my meds. etc for my ticker.)

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PS, is that what the little thingy window with the funny numbers is for on the watchface??? mine always shows the numbers back to front ( is, Yankee time style…)

Doc - I guess that’s what the window is for. I have set the one on any of my watches that have it, because since I was sixty, ten years ago, I haven’t been able to read it. So what’s the point. The Golden years are wonderful, even better now since most of us retired folks don’t have to worry about money anymore - we don’t have any of it left to worry about.