7.92x57 confusing box

The loose rounds inside of this box are from 1935, the label too, but the carton box itself on the other side of the label flap says 1938. What happened? They waited for 3 years to pack?

Vald - you have to read the entire label. No, they did not wait until 1938 to pack them. In fact, the box was a year old when they were packed. While the cases were made as lot 1 of 1935, the bullets were lot 8 of 1939, and the primers were made in 1939. The cartridges were actually loaded as lot 13 of 1939. This is a real coomon headstamp including the lot and date. I suspect they made a jillion cases in that lot and had them left for quite awhile, although they made other lots after them, of course.

What strikes me as strange about the label is the powder entry. The date shows 1933-5. I don’t recall seeing that before, and am not sure how to interpret it. Maybe Phil Butler can tell us about that.


It`s lot 5 of 1933


P162 s.S. Loading lot 13 of 1939 (like so many other loading lots of the period) contained a variety of components with different lot numbers. Here are drawings of some of the labels. Someday I would like to see what the requirements for a loading lot were!

I think 451kr is correct about the lot number of the powder. You can find it printed in a number of different forms. Off the top of my head I can think of:
Pxxx 1. L. 39
Pxxx 1939-1
Pxxx 1939/1
Pxxx 1939|1
abc 1944 1
1944 abc 1
probably more.

Is it normal to wait from 1933 to 1939 to use a batch of gun powder? How was/is it stored? Is it one giant container sealed with descicant or there are many containers? Is it still done today, making gun powder and using it years later?

SKSVLAD, I have seen com-bloc spam cans showing powder dates that are more than a few years older than the year the cartridges were loaded. Usually you only see a year or two difference at most, if at all.


I just did a quick run through of the German 7.9mm labels I know of and a 2, 3, 4 and 5 year difference between the powder manufacture date and the cartridge loading date is not terribly unusual. The 6 year difference on the P162 13. L. 39 s.S loading lot is the greatest I noticed.

I don’t know how the powder was delivered to the loading plants or how it was stored. Maybe one of our German friends can tell us.