7,92x57 Czech stripper clips with holes in base

A small proportion of Czech 7,92x57 stripper clips have two holes in the base, thus far I’ve seen them marked ‘M’, ‘Z’ and ‘S&B’.

Does anyone know the significance of the holes?



No documented information, but my idea would be to let out water or moisture. Holes are riveted in most military cloth or canvas items to do such. Also other items like magazines. Why not on a stripper clip. You notice how many clips you find that most of the rust is in between the spring and the base.


“M” and “Z” are the Bratislava/Povaske Bystrica Factories ( in Time sequence) and SB Logo Is S&B Vlasim; all three are Pre-WWII Markings ( Export ammunition?).

What ammo did they come with (if Known?)

Doc AV

Peter, these chargers in original condition are found loaded with armor piercing vz.31 cartridges (white primer sealant) and packed in black label boxes accordingly marked. It is understandable that the significance of the holes is the identification of the cartridge load. Regards, Fede.