7.92x57 DDR 1961 - Side Markings?


I acquired several of these loose last year and am totally baffled as to why anyone would go to the trouble of marking them in this manner. Some sort of souvenir? H/s is ‘19 70’ and there is nothing else to distinguish them

Corrected information per below replies:

Headstamp is '04 61’
Manufacturer is: VEB Mechanische Werkst


Teak, the headstamp is actually 04 61. I think that marking is a German legal requirement.


These markings are not found just on 7.9 x 57mm ammo of DDR manufacture. German law requires that each and every round of surplus ammunition sold must show the caliber of that ammunition. If the caliber is on the headstamp already, no further action is required, that I know of. However, most military ammo doesn’t include the claiber in the headstamp, so this is the preferred method of complying with the law. The little symbol after the caliber marking, I think has to do with who marked them. I have not found any guide to these symbols. The one shown is commonly encountered, but is not the only one encountered. For me, the are a variation above those of the same headstamp without the marking, since they are done for an “official” reason.


DOH !! Doesn’t pay to hurry . . . I had it right in the notes but grabbed a round and looked instead. Double DOH !!

Interesting! It’s amazing the various quirks / variances one finds in the laws of different nations, indeed between the laws of subsidiary groupings. I’m just glad I don’t have to live under the ones you have, John! Thanks again!



I had an East German 7.62x39mm ball cartridge with similar markings, only in black ink. The case finish was an unusual, light grey, unlike typical EG case lacquer finishes. The seller, at a cartridge show in California, claimed it to be a match or sniper round!



The little symbol (FWW) after 8x57 stand for "Frankonia Waffen W


Rob - thanks for the ID. I visited the W