7,92x57 FN possible dummy?

Magnetic projectile, lacquer coated head to tip and drilled hole in case. Primer is fired and backed out a bit. Is this a legitimate factory dummy or not. I say no, but before I pull the projectile and toss the casing in the scrap brass bucket, I figured I would ask some experts.


Looking at the primer and the rough case hole, it appears to be a put together, home made. M. Rea

Yes. If someone else comes along and says they have one similar in their collection, then maybe it is other, but I truly also feel it is a homemade job for whatever reason. I will give it a week on the forum and then I think I am going to scrap it.


Sending it off, as someone sent me a PM and asked if they could have it for the headstamp.


Not necessarily a “Home made” put-together, but remember, some countries require this type of Deactivation for Cartridge collectors, and all countries engage in " Home Depot" manufacture of Drill cartridges (Inert) for Local unit usage.

With a “one off” example, one can really not assume any History at all to the sample…but better safe than sorry…DO not “dismantle and throw away”…every headstamp is valuable to somebody.

Doc AV

Doc, I have this headstamp in an original configuration and yes I know Drill cartridges for Local unit usage are made, but this one is doubtful to me. The more I look at it, I wonder why I posted it.

Scrap bucket, Doc, you are welcome to come by and look thru my scrap bucket or my thousands of duped for that matter (except for some of the 7,92 x 57 German WWI & WII). Probably take you a week or more. Most dupes are organized, but not all. Scrap bucket is by the pound and dups start at $1.