7,92x57 French clip

Is there any indication why these clips were made? It seems quite late for 7,92x57 to be used by the French services.

Is this the only year of production?

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The information I had is that these clips and the ammunition that was on them was primarily made for the French Colonial Forces in French Indo China (present day Viet Nam) during the war there between France and the insurgent Viet Minh. I cannot guarantee that is correct.

it is correct
All these French 7.92 ctges are tropicalised because there was the need due to the weather in Indochina.
Because there were only very few Trop ctges available despite the tons of ammo captured at the end of the war, the Frenchs decided to manufacture these 7.92 Mauser rounds.

What were the headstamps on these French made 7.92 rounds?

Here you are,



Aside from the headstamp “4 VE 52 S” so beautifully pictured, there is also “2 VE 50 R” and “1 VE 51 F”.

Are there only 3 headstamps known?

I’m surprised the bullets were made in France as well. Surely they could have broken down left over German ammunition for the bullets.

Have the clips only been seen with 1953 dates? If the ammunition is found dated 1950 is it likely that ex-German or other clips were used for the early production?

I had thought that maybe the ammunition was produced for use by police, local forces or village guards &tc, not for regular troops. What with 7,5MAS, 30-06 and 7,92x57 being in use it must have made supply a bit of a problem.


Sorry Falcon, but every component of this ammunition, including bullets were made in France (Valence=VE).

In Indochina, most of tke 7,92 mm ammo went to the local “suppletive” forces, and also some units of the regular army using ex-german MG 34 and 42.



I am saying that I am surprised they did not break down Ex German rounds for the bullets. If you misunderstood, I am not saying that I thought they did do that. I saw the text on the box “BALLES A.VE 1-52 S”, which I realised did mean that the bullets were made at Valence.