7.92x57 Grenade cartridge

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe I have here a 7.92 German grenade launching round. According to the headstamp I believe it to have been manufactured in September of 1953 in Altdorf Germany with the case material coming from Dornach of Switzerland.

My question therefor is it supposed to be painted silver?

Are you sure it is not a 7.5x55 Swiss cartridge?

Altdorf is the Eidgenössische Munitionsfabrik Altdorf in Switzerland (not Altdorf Germany).

This was correctly identified as a 7.9 x 57 round - it is not 7.5 x 55. Although not the main cartridge of Switzerland, they made this caliber off and on for many years. I still have the Swiss section of my 7.9 collection, and it has 17 cartridges in it - not a huge amount, but enough that this propelling round is not unique for Swiss manufacture. I have had two or three of these over the years, and they all were the same headstamp including date, and all had the silver-gray color case with brass case-head and extractor groove and bevel.

Thanks much, have made note of that. I also have seen this headstamp with a P in the 3 o’clock position. Who would be the case manufacture?

John thanks for the info. The silver almost looks like spray paint as there is over spray particles in the extractor groove.