Any information about this head stamp is apreciated. Unfortunately there is no projectile.
The hs reads:
12h= G
6h= D
9h= 5

I really don’t know, but an educated guess on my part would be Gustav Genschow, Durlach in Baden (1914 - 1916).

Perhaps John Moss or some of the other experts on this topic will have a better idea as well as some of the history.


Heavyiron - you didn’t need me buddy, you are dead on. It is a weak headstamp missing the year-date (poor strike) at the 3 O’Clock position of the headstamp. It WAS made by Gustaf Genschow, just as Heavyiron says.

Thanks a lot gentlemen. The 3h position though is absolutely plain and has no trace of a marking.

EOD - could be a broken bunter, or simply a canted cartridge being struck. These 7.9 G D headstamps are all pretty weak, at least the ones in my collection. Of course, it might have been for some in-house reason, but the presence of crimps and the standard black primer seal makes me believe that this is just an issue ball cartridge with a poor application of the headstamp. You never know, though. There are a jillion unaswered questions like this about the 7.9 x 57m/m cartridge.

John, I assume somewhere in your points must be the answer. Thanks again.