7,92x57 headstamp DWM 7,9mm info wanted

Does anyone know anything more about this round ?


Headstamped: DWM 7,9mm
The round has a CWS case, uncrimped brass primer (Zh.88 ?), remnants of what looks to me a black annulus color.

The round was (unfortunately) inertia unloaded by someone, so I was able to measure the projectile:
weight is 11,57g and length is 37,31mm, both are typical for an S.m.E. – projectile.

Only reference i found regarding this HS was here: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?p=31884#p31884, and according W. v. Eijk’s headstamp list, this HS with CWS case is known with 2 different loadings: S.m.E. and s.S. , both with black annulus color (no note on the lack of primer crimp).


An interesting round. Hope someone has the story on it.

A very similar round exists in 9mm Parabellum. It is also CWS case but the “7,9mm” is replaced by “K”. I only know of one round and it originated in Czechoslovakia in the early 1950s. It was shipped to Guatemala as part of a large shipment of ammunition and in the 1970s to the US where it was found in a 16 round box of assorted headstamps. The headstamp style makes me think it originated in the mid to late 1930s.

I wish I was the one who found it!

I wonder if both the 7.9mm and the P08 were part of the same contract for someone. Maybe someone has a box label.


One would have to set up a list of countries which used 7.9 and not 7.92 as calibre designation. I know of China, Iran (Persia), and Yugoslavia (the later only after 1945 I think).
The confusing thing to me is the SmE bullet, because of its late adoption (in September 1940). The Soviet Union still was Germanys ally at that time; technically export to China as well as Iran via railway is conceivable. But I have no idea about political possibility at that time.

Maybe someone knows of other countries/armies calling the calibre 7.9?
Is it verified that the steel cores are non-hardened SmE cores (cold formed flat nose), not hardened (turned and pointed) SmK?

No, i can not confirm that it is an SmE and not an SmK (not even 100% sure that it actually is the original from this round, as the guy who send it to me had unloaded the round), but i do have confidence in W. v. Eijk’s list where he states only sS and SmE type have been observed for this particular HS.