7.92x57 headstamp id


Circle with 5 point star inside it. Star is made up of 5 individual lines meeting in center, NOT a pentagram. Has dates 7 and 60 at 4 and 8 o’clock. Heavy circle primer crimp.

Curious to know who’s stamp that is.


This is China. Do you have Elks’ book on the subject?


no. I’m just idly looking through a bunch of ball ammo and came across it. Wasn’t planning to collect 7.92



Mukden Arsenal (Arsenal No. 99) People’s Republic of China, page 79 of Elk’s book.

Can you provide a picture of the headstamp?





Can’t quite make out the headstamp, is that a " 50 " and not a " 60 " at the 8:00 position?



symbol at the top
“60” at 8:00, and what I think is a “7” at 4:00


It is a Chinese manufactured found. -Ger


7.92 Mauser will drag you in. The sheer variety is YUUUUGE


nope, nope, nope. nope… must resist.

I don’t much care about headstamps, but will grab color tips and special purpose type rounds. These 7.92 got mixed into my stuff when getting 30cal and 7.62x51 out of Engle’s bins.


Even better! 7.92 has a rainbow of different color tip markings