7.92x57 "I 3 16 S67"

I am not certain what this letter (which I call “E”) is. Is it “G” in Fractur? S is brass, 67 is 67% copper, made in March 1916. Also, how did German brass (Messing) become “S”?

It is an Fractur „I“ from Haubtlaboratorium Ingolstadt.


The S does not mean brass but “this is a case for the S bullet”. When copper content in brass was reduced from 72 to 67 percent (in German: Messing 67, Ms 67) as an emergency measure, the 67 was appended to the case type S.

Thank you both for corrections. i assume copper content reduction was a war shortage measure, when did it happen, which year? I got lost in Kent. If anyone remembers page number, I’ll greatly appreciate that.