7.92x57 ID help

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Most of them are German 7.9 WWII period. (hey, they are mirrored!) . No problem for proper identification but not now, office is waiting…

Left to right.
1-S.m.K. L’ Spur (APT)
2-I.S. L’ Spur (Practice tracer, aluminium core and tracer), steel copper case.
3-S.m.K. L’Spur (APT)
4-S.m.K. L’Spur (APT), steel copper case.
5-S.m.K. Glim L’Spur (APT), Less luminosity tracer than S.m.K. L’Spur.
6-P.m.K. V Trop. API, hight velocity (green ring) and tropicaliced (black sealed between bullet-case).
7- S.m.E. (bullet with Iron core and zink wrap)

These seven are german.

8- Tracer from Egipto
9-Ordinary from BĂ©lgica. Heavy bullet.

If you need more info i can tell-send you.



So the black primer with red seal is just a plain SmK?
Thanks for your help. Muchos Gracias.

The black is corrosion as can be seen from the finger print pattern.

The images readable and in correct order:

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