7.92x57 ID/type help needed


So - what is the question?

John Moss

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The Brass Case is early PRC
9-1952 7,9 cartridge by Factory
#671( 1 denotes ammunition factory in PRC military coding system). The use of the character was dropped in 1953-4, when coding was finalised.
Doc AV

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Who made them, what type are they. I updated the topic.

Thanks Doc on the brass case. I presume it’s just plain ball?

Are you sure the right one is a 7,92x57 Mauser?


The right one is a 7.7+58mmType 89 Japanese Arisaka SHORT RANGE

Thanks. NO I’m not sure it was a 8mm. Looking at the picture, rim diameter is smaller. Thanks for the 7.7 ID.

DocAV is right,It’s a brass jacket Ball made by factory 671 in Northeast China.——that symbol was composed by two Chinese character“東” and “北”,which means East and North


The 671 factory is Harbin Longjiang electric factory(哈尔滨龙江电工厂)now affiliated to Heilongjiang North Tool Co.Ltd(黑龙江北方工具有限公司)