7.92x57 lacquering question


This headstamp has, what appears to me, an excessive amount of lacquer on the first “h” of hhw. How was the lacquer dried, upright?


Vlad, I do not have my copy of Kent handy, but as I recall, he said that the cases were manually placed on “pin trays”. I assume this to mean the cases were placed head-up over these “pins” and then the whole thing was dunked into the lacquer and then dried. That gob of lacquer could have been a stray bit of the lacquer that was already hardeneing and was just floating in the vat…

I’d like to learn more about the process myself…



Thanks, it is on page 116 of the second edition. Your memory is very good. Dipped into a special Bakelite lacquer and then centrifuged to remove excess lacquer. I’d love to see this centrifuge.