7.92x57 Lavender tip * * * 7.9 h/s?


Three six pointed stars at 9 - 12 - 3 o’clock, 7.9 at 6 o’clock. Tip color is a light pink-violet (doesn’t show well in photo). Jacket is CuNi and the bullet is strongly magnetic on the ogive, not the tip.

It may say “7.9” on the headstamp, but it is a 7.92 (0.323") bullet. There is no case mouth or primer sealant - the dark ring around the primer in the photo is simply shadow.

I’m thinking the source is Slavic, possibly Czech?

Manufacturer and loading?



Austrian mfg, tracer, for Spain.

Cheers - dan


This Hirtenberger export cartridge with pink tip is not tracer but armour piercing. The AP-T Hirtenberger export cartridge has an green tip.


My source is pg. 343 of Scranton’s book on color-coded bullets: “The bullet is based on the German SPr design of WW1. It is an Incendiary of the Smoke Tracer type.”

So we’re both wrong.


And my scource is the book from "Josef M


Well, we’d hope that an Austrian author knows what he’s writing about then, eh? I don’t have that book, so I will bow to your judgement.

Teak, maybe you could get one sectioned.


Josef M


Only have the one, unfortunately.

[quote=“Rob”]Josef M


Rob - any indication of dates of manufacture?


No exactly. This typ of hs is from the time between 1918 - 1939.
The hs is for an unknown contractor.
I have one with green tip and one with puple tip and this hs in my collection, this cartridges i have found in spain.


My thanks to all!