7.92x57 made for Ecuador


I have a 7.92X57 Mauser headstamped (12:00-7.92; (9:00)-A; (3:00)-A; (6:00)-1954. The bullet is CNCS. Flat brass primer with a black PA. Who made it?


This was a product of Fabricaciones Militares, of Argentina, made for Ecuador. At one time a scarc e headstamp, it is now found by the box, including fluted dummies that were a rarity, due to a very large importation of the ammunition in the United States from Ecuador. It was originally thought to have been made for the Argentine Navy due to the “A A” headstamp (Armada Argentina) but we now have mint condition, labeled boxes, leaving us totally without knowledge of what the “A A” headstamp stands for. Variations in my own collection include two dates on ball and wood-bullet blanks (the blanks are now rarer than the ball or dummy, since it doesn’t seem like any were in the importation), fluted, nickeled dummy, and plain, nickled dummy, the latter still being rarely encountered.


I think nobody could have provided a better answer.