7.92x57 Mauser blanks

Hello, I got some Mauser blank cartridges, they were found in trenches among other cartridges from WW2. Could they be from WW2 too or they are form a later period? Sadly I can’t read the headstamps because of the corrosion.

Are they magnetic? If so, they are probably German and WWII. Why do you think they are blanks? They just look empty spent cases to me.

My guess would be cartridges for firing rifle grenades.

I am pretty sure they are blanks, there are some comparsion photos:

Thats my guess too, but I was not sure about that.

A blank is not the same as a cartridge for firing rifle grenades.

Yes, German grenade launching cases make sense.

For the German 7.9 x 57 blanks, the case length is the same as ball rounds - 57 mm. Yes, they could have been the Triebkartusche neue Art für Gewehr Sprenggranate (Propelling cartridge, new model, for the explosive rifle grenade), but the portion of the case above 57 mm was cone shaped. I don’t know how they looked fired.

I have 15 different types of German Grenade Launching Cartridges catalogued. When I collected that caliber, I had most of the types. Of those I catalogued, only the one I mentioned would seem to fit closely to that profile. The visual identification of that cartridge, when loaded and in good shape, is as follows:

Cases are lacquered steel. They have a normal straight neck length, and then taper to a cone shape (making them longer than 57 mm in over-all case length). The nose is rolled over leaving a small opening, thru which protrudes a small wooden plug. The primer seal was yellow (I realize it would likely be impossible to see the see with cases so corroded.

I have forgotten a lot about the German 8 x 57 mm types, so this is the best I can come up with, based on what I am seeing in those pictures.

John Moss

John’s written description of the cartridge is spot on but a picture to see is always nice!

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Thank you for the help, probably thats it. Sadly they are too corroded to do anything with them so I don’t think I can clean them.

Here are all known German WW2 „Treibpatronen“.
It could be the most right one.


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Jim and Dutch - thank you for the pictures. I know longer have any of my 7.9s, and never took pictures of many of them. Wish I had. Regarding Dutch’s picture, I know I had one of the "rosebud-crimped conically shaped blanks like on the far right of his picture, but I could not find it in my list of identified types. I thought I was hallucinating. That would have been my first choice for what the corroded rounds actually were. In my view, they could only be that or one of the group of three in that picture (like the one in Jim’s picture). When I have time, I will have to try to match the picture against my list. While I have the same number of rounds as shown by Dutch in the list, there are two WWI types on the list that are not in Dutch’s picture, since he shows on WW2 types. That means there are two types not on my list.

John M.

Willem, thanks a lot for that great comparison image!


After WW2 a lot of ball rounds were unloaded by several companies and the cases were used for a blank some of hem made with a star crimp.

To compare the rounds I made a picture from one of these blanks,

You can see the “Treibpatrone” was made from a longer case.

O.K. It looks to me like those corroded cases may have been the cartridge on the right in your excellent picture.

Vielen Dank, Dutch.