7.92x57 Mauser "PC" Headstamp ID


Please, help me to identify the manufacturer of the 7,92x57 Mauser with headstamp PC 40 IZ


Greek Cartridges 1930-41

These are contract rounds manufactured by Pouderie et Cartouche Helene in Greece for Great Britain in 1940 The “Iz” means ball Mark I loaded with nitro-cellulose powder. There is another version of the headstamp using the code “PCH”, and the PC 40 Iz rounds can also be found with an AP bullet and an additional “W” hand stamped in front of the “Iz”

These rounds are often quoted as being made by Kynoch for the Greek military instead of the other way round and it is a subject of some controversy. However, I have details of the British contracts to Greece. The 7.92mm BESA gun had just been introduced to British armoured vehicles and we were very short of 7.92mm ammo.

Two further points to support this. Why would ammo made FOR Greece specify British style markings? (Iz or WIz). Also, at the same time Britain ordered several million rounds of 8mm Lebel from Greece, probably for the thousands of French 8mm weapons that came back to the UK with French troops from Dunkirk without ammunition. This ammunition was surplus Greek stock with Greek headstamps from the 20s and 30s and was issued to British Home Guard units.

Finally, it is not made by Peters Cartridge Co either!



Thank you very much for such complete answer.