7.92x57 Mauser


This round was made by Westf


Vlad–The “IX” is the steel mill code (August-Thyssen-Hutte, Hamborn, Germany). The “o” is the platting firm (Ed. Huck Metallwarenfabrik, Ludenschied, Germany. The “7” is the steel analysis number. Actually it is the carbon content of the steel.


Sorry Ron,

it is not a “7” but a "1"
P316 only used steel analysies “J 1”, replaced in 1941 by “J 17”

“1” = C; 0,15-0,22%, Mn; 0,4%, Si; 0,12%, P; 0,03%, S; 0,03%.



Dutch–Thanks for the correction. I thought it looked a “7” in the picture.