7.92x57 "MM 44 7.92" refresher


Municion.org is missing this headstamp. Before I send it to Jordi, I’d like someone to go through my summary and tell me if I’ve got it right.
“MM 44 7.92” is a clandestine Canadian made headstamp, probably by Dominion Arsenal in 1952 for use by CIA. Right? My cartridges came in un-marked brown boxes in layers with paper dividers.


There are differing opinions on when these were made. My personal opinion is that you can add ten years to the date on the bunter. That would make that round made in 1954. Lew believes they, including the 9mm, were probably made all with a couple of years, rather than each year that they are dated (+10). Both of us are of the opinion that they were not made in the years represented by the headstamps, but rather around ten years later. Lew has more information on who they were made for than do I. CIA is probably right - they certainly ended up with quantities. I have felt, at lest in the case of the 9mm, that there might have been other purchasers. That ammo was found in many hands, in many parts of the world, but some with people who the CIA probably would not have been aiding, such as the Tupomares in Argentina/Uruguay. There are a few people who still argue that the ammo was made in WWII for China, as the headstamps would indicate - I personally think, for many reason that have been gone over too many times to repeat here, that that opinion is nonsensical. I did a lot of research years ago, based on a statement about 9mm production from a former Defense Industries Plant Manager (I am not sure of his title, but he was high up in the organization), perhaps the first based on an opinion that they were not made in the years they are dated, and then Lew got into it with much better research abilities than mine, and found out even more about them. Actually, a letter on a different subject that Lew had sent me from England - part of a document he had found - also spurred me own in proving the 9 mm rounds were not made during the 1940s.

I never really researched the 7.92 rounds, but it is obvious that they were part and parcel with the 9 mm Para contracts.


You might want to check this link if you haven’t already done so.



Based on what I have learned/heard/seen over the years. I believe the “40” dated 9mm actually dates from the late 1940s. The later “years” may represent single years of manufacture or multiple years. I am convinced that the “45” dated 9mm was produced for quite a few years, perhaps into the 1960s, but at least well into the 1950s. I believe it was still in some US government inventories into the 1980s.