7.92x57 mm danish drill variant


Until now I only had one of those 7,92 mm drill cartridges AMA made for navy use and probably later Army use (for BESA guns) and that one was made on a steel case and had it’s primer removed. This one had only its bullet replaced and the primer left in. Luckily no-one tried dry firing it.



I have several cartridges with German headstamps and pointed, natural wood bullets secured with a cannelure/crimp at the neck same as the one posted. All have unsnapped primers.

I have always thought they were blanks. One, headstamped P S* 28 40 weighs 198.3 grains/12.85 grams which is in the same range as the German Platzpatronen. It also has an undisturbed black annulus which to me indicates it was made from broken down P.m.k. or B-Patronen ammunition.

Are you sure this is a Drill round? I have never broken down one of these cartridges. I will have to see if I have a duplicate (if I can find one in the mess I call a collection!) and see what’s inside it.


Like with Phil, my impression has always been that these are Blanks, not drill rounds. They exist with red primer seals (German military headstamps) as well. I have been told, at different times, that they are Danish/Norwegian/Swedish. I know that the latter (Swedish) is not correct, but can we confirm for sure that they are Danish remanufacture and not Norwegian?


I thought all the Danish reloads/drills where over stamped with an ‘o’ for Ptronfabrik Otterup?


archmoco, wasn’t that a reloading mark independently from Otterup?
The “o” on dummies is just a left over from prior reloads.


I found a few of these rounds that I already have scanned, one is the same headstamp as yours. From the listing of known heastamps it would have been a PmK v trop loading originally as was the emp S* 8 42. The P413 S* 8 40 would have been either a SmK or SmK L’spur loading.


I assumed it to be a drill round since I cannot hear any powder rattling around inside. On page 7-9 of Windisch-Micke-Kellner, the top left HS of the foreign made blanks has an Otterup reloading stamp, but the primer has been stab crimped in. The side picture with the extra mouth crimping does not say which of the headstamps it belongs to. The extra crimp looks just like on this one. (On page 9-9 the authors could have mentioned foreign made drill cartridges instead of that silly old agitprop picture, imho)
Weight of the round is 172,7 grains. I’ll file it as a blank, i.e. one that has to be locked away according to the law :-)


Ha! Somehow I missed that page in the new book. So, according to Windisch-Micke-Kellner, the type with the neck cannelure is Swedish.

The way they laid out the book all the headstamps in 7.8 a) go with the case pictured. In 7.8 b) the brass headstamps go with the brass case and the lacquered steel headstamps go with the lacquered steel case. Their way of saying that the cartridges can have just about any WWII (or before) headstamp, I guess.

I will have to go through my collection again and identify my Norwegian blanks now that I know what they look like. I know I have some.


For those who do not have a copy of “Die Patrone 7,9 mm der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1930 – 1945” by Windisch-Micke-Kellner (excellent book) here is the picture referred to earlier.


Here are a few other blanks that may be of Norwegian origin. The one with the nickel NP primer kind of raises a red flag but I’ve read there was/is a Norwegian branch of Norma also.

Its kind of strange that most of this type blank have DWM cases but this is such a small selection that might not mean anything.


Sorry i’m only learning so the comment on the Danish over stamp ‘o’ , is only based upon information provided on this site including the archives.

The P413 (lot 3) and the ch (lot 4) look like standard German Platz rounds, yes there is no colour on the projectile, but the profile looks correct for a Platz projectile (either a batch of uncoloured projectiles, the colour has washed out, round has been recovered from water etc etc), or is it becase they have crimped primers?

Certainly i’ve fallen into the trap of not hearing any powder moving when shaked, however this is because of the wading material, I’ve bought a number of ‘inert’ platz rounds (dummies) to only find that they where still live.