7,92x57 mm links

Anyone seen this type of MG belt links before. Note the star formed holes in each link. Currently there is standard German marked 7,92x57 mm cartridges in them.

IMG_9994 IMG_9995


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These are Danish made Madsen links and the cartridges inserted are correct for them as the holes (shape and number) are indicating the caliber they are to be used with.
I.e.: 2 stars = 7.92x57

To what I know the gun and links were made during WW2 and main user should have been the German military.

Yes, the Reich converted a couple of Madsen MG into Belt-feds for
LUFTWAFFE airfield protection an AA units…reviewed in Guns and Ammo back in 1960s!.
They chose a Variant of the WWI Prideaux patent link ( halfway between .303 and US .30cal.
Very limited production…good find.
Doc AV

Thank you very much for the quick response. I am impressed!