7.92x57 orientation help

I am a bit confused of how to read this, I guess I don’t see WWI stuff a lot. Could someone read this headstamp for me and tell me what those dots (punctuation marks) are behind “d” and “6"or"9”?

D. = case manufacture

Why does “Dresden” require a dot? Letter “D” can be read only one way in Latin alphabet, unlike “6” or “9” which depend on orientation. Municion.org shows several Dresden headstamps with different orientation of “d” and all of them have that dot.

You can find the D without the dot, with a dot to the right, with a dot on both sides and with 2 dots on both sides. Here are only a few of the Dresden headstamp varieties.

To answer you question

May be to orient the whole of headstamp. As per pre- and WWI rules of hedstamping two digits (the year of manufacturing) must be at 12 o’clock. But of course, during war this rule had a lot of exclusions (as described an picture of pbutler).