7.92x57 Palencia

Why did Spanish code their ammo AFTER the war? Still trying to confuse the enemy? They did not need to try, this is the best headstamp out of a dozen, the rest are close to unreadable.

This is an interesting headstamp. I have tried for years to find out the “why” of it, since Vlad hints at the fact that a mere glance at the cartridge tells us it is Spanish. No one seems to know why it made, or if a foreign contract, for whom.

I suspect, though, that it was made at Pirotecnia de Sevilla, rather than at Palencia, since the headstamp layout is more like that factory’s. Both Sevilla and Palencia were making 7.9 in 1949, and made them in that year with their regular headstamps. Toledo doesn’t seem to have started making the round, after the war anyway, until 1953. I could be wrong - that is based solely on my own collection.

So, this headstamp was in addition to other FNP and PS 7.9 rounds made in 1949, and did not replace the normal headstamps for that year.

I hope some of our Spanish friends look at our Forum once in awhile, and can answer the question.

In trying to further research the “+ +” Spanish headstamp in “Tratado de Cartucheria” by Lanza and also in "Cartucheria Espa

For what it’s worth, I remember our guide at the Alcazar saying that during the siege, they reloaded ammunition in the academy, although he didn’t say what type or caliber. He was a veteran of the siege.