7.92x57 question

I just opened a bag of odds and ends I picked up at a gun shop and in it were 12 7.92 x 57 rounds with military dates from 1914-1918.
(2-)P/7/18/S67/, P/9/18/S67/, (2-)P/10/18/S67/,D/3/18/S67/, DM/4/17/S67/, S 8 14 S, P 2 16 S67, D. S. 67 16 3, D. 7 16 S 67, DM 3 15 S
All rounds have brass primers, black primer ring, 195 gr. flat nose lead tip/ cmcs jacket.
CM 8.72-8.78, Blt. 8.06-8.08
I pulled a couple of bullets and both have the RWS U in a shield on bullet base. Bullets also have 4 long slits in jacket.
These look like factory loaded hunting rounds. Primers and case mouth crimp look just like military rounds. All are nicely done.
Did German ammunition companies use old cases for hunting ammo after the war? Any ideas or comments?
I can post pictures if needed.
Bob R.

Bob - yes, German companies did use military cases for sporting rounds right after WWI. I am a little surprised to see some of the earlier dates there. However, sporting rounds with military headstamps, with the headstamps left alone or cancelled, are not rare. I have a number of them in my collection. In fact, my latest WWI dates (10/18; 11/18) are sporting rounds. These usually have uncrimped primers, but not always. That’s one way to tell if they are factory, by the way. Sometimes they don’t have the colored primer seal either, although as with yours, sometimes they do.

You find them with a variety of projectiles, by the way.