7.92x57 SmK Question

Hi, gentlemen!
I want to ask about the type of a cartridge. It has a green band under the point of the bullet, but unfortunately it faded away. As far as I’m aware this is a SmK v-munition, manufactored by Hugo Schneider A.G. in 1940. Am I right or wrong? Was this type of munitions (v-munition) produced for Luftwaffe only, or otherwise?
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Here are the pictures:
The base

How it looks now:

How it was looking at the beginning of its existence


Your ID is correct. Can’t answer the other questions

Most of this ammo was produced for the Luftwaffe, although by the end of the war, who knows who was using it! For that matter, initially in the war, most of the brass-cased ammunition was made for the Luftwaffe. When all is said and done, it was “war needs” that dictated who got what and when, I am sure.

This is a problem identify the producer of the cartridge without having the box label.
The 4th case lot from P490 is known to be loaded as;

SmK Lsp
SmK Trop
SmK v Trop
PmK v Trop
B.Patr Trop

Hugo Schneider did not do it all by themselves
I think they give away part of there cases lot to other plants.
From other case lots of 1940 are;
2th-7, 3th-6, 5th -12, 6th-13, 7th -6, 8th-9 different loadings known.
@Phil Butler have a lot of labels cataloged, Perhaps he can help solved this mistery.


Pivi, John, Dutch, thank you very much!
So as I undersood so far we can identify only the case manufacturer, but not the manufacturer of the complete cartridge. I suppose at least that the bullet type is correct, and also the powder charge - as far as I remember the v-munitions (green band) was loaded with different type of powder (can’t quote the abbreviation right now). Correct me, please, if I’m wrong!



Yes Iv40

you can see it on the label. They used a different powder.
Np. Gew. R. P. (1,8.1,3/02) means: Nitropenta Gewehr Rörchen Pulver 1,8.1,3/0,2 mm
Nz. Gew. Bl. P. (2.2.2,45) means: Nitro zellulose Gewehr Blatchen Pulver. 2.2.20,45mm