7.92x57 "UN 10 15 S67"

This is the 1st time I bump into “UN” and I go through a lot of bins. How small was Utendoerffer? Or better question, how prolific was the company?

You will know Utendoerffer better under the name RWS.
Heinrich Utendoerffer founded the factory in 1856. In 1889 he sold it to RWS and in 1897 a new factory at Stadeln (close to Fürth, both not far from Nürnberg) was opened.
The latter still exists today and is now part of Swiss RUAG, still using trade names RWS, Geco and Rottweil.

“N” for Nürnberg was the letter assigned to RWS during the “Normalisierung” (standardization) of commercial ammunition. Why exactly military authorities decided to assign “UN” is not known to me.

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Jochen, The older code starting in November 1914. For Utendoerffer it was „N“ for Nürnberg.
The problem started in September 1915 when the company Huck was starting the production.
They used a Gothic “N”
Now two companies in town used the same character.
The same month Utendoerffer changed the head stamp to “UN”.
Means from month 11-1914 until Month 9-1915 “N”; change to “UN” until month 11-1918.



Dutch, thank you for the explanation.