7.92x57 with Swastika on Headstamp?

Can anyone shed light on the origin of this cartridge. Firstly sorry for the poor photographs.

It is 7.92x57, projectile diameter is .318".

Headstamp has a Swastika at 1200 o’clock, the numeral 6 at 3 o’clock, the numeral 24 at 6 o’clock, finally the letter B at 9 o’clock.

I have been told either Chinese or Estonian.

I only know how to post the link from photo bucket, I have no idea how you smart fellas get the picture to show on the actual page.

Thanks in advance for any help

s1295.photobucket.com/user/morto … 3.jpg.html

s1295.photobucket.com/user/morto … 6.jpg.html

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Morten, This round is made by the Nanking Arsenal, now called the Nanjing or Jinling with the new versions of Chinese. This round was probably made for the Hanyang Rifle, the first M88 Mauser produced in China. Most Nanking headstamps include other markings, numbers (dates), letters and on occasion lines, which in some cases, may be reload marks.

Nice item!