7.92x57 Yugoslav dummy - hs identification


Can anyone explain the hs on this Yugoslav 7.92x57 dummy? Is this a civilian hs?

PPU 8x57 LZ

The construction of the cartridge is identical to regular Yugoslav dummies which are cast with red plastic.


That’s a new one for me!! I have no idea what the LZ indicates. Another headstamp to Look for!


I don’t want to steal the topic but here’s another one that is out of the ordinary.

I’ve never seen one with the ‘LZ’ marking

Happy collecting, Peter


Phil, there is also one with the “Sifra” code “59” on and also the “11 * year*”. I assume they used all cases they had on hand in the factory.


EOD - don’t you have that backward. The manufacturer’s code is “11” and the year is “59.” Perhaps I read it wrong?

John Moss


John, I am talking about two different head stamps:

11 * year *


59 (the clandestine Yugoslav hs)


O.K. I understand now. These Yugo dummies show up with most any headstamp. I also have one with orange plastic filler - not red at all - and then there are the famous “black-plastic” filled ones, although if you put a strong light behind them, you find the “black” is actually very, very dark red.