7,92x57mm Case with extra large primer?

I have what appears to be dimension wise a 7,92x57mm fired Case with extra large copper primer in a brass case. It seems to have been a blank of sorts or firing cartridge? Headstamp looks to read “0n M62” at top and “8M-82MM” on bottom.

This is Yugoslave, and I believe it is a mortar igniter round.

John, Do you think PRVI PARTIZANKI ZAVOD? Maybe that first character on the bottom is a B not an 8. The mortar igniter round goes in the bottom of the shell and then it is dropped down the tube? So this is for some kind of Serbian M62 - 82MM mortar shell?

This is a propelling charge for the Yugoslavian M62 training grenade used in the 82 mm mortar. It propels a secondary training projectile (subcaliber) fitted inside the inert 82 mm shell. Its designation is: “Osnovno punjenje za 82 mm vežbovnu minu M62”.

That is exactly what information I was looking for. Printed, rolled up and put inside the shell.

Thank you.


These cases do use shot shell primers and are not the “regular” ones. Though they show up as dummies for the regular 7.92x57 cartridge for normal arms where a projectile is seated and the case and projectile are filled with translucent dark red (appearing black) plastic.

Just to complement what Fede said:

Thats excellent. Thanks EOD. Now I just have to get my 84 year old mother to read it to me. The picture is what I really wanted, it says it all.


There is also one of these igniter rounds with the same priming system, but for the 60 mm Mortar. The headstamp is the same as the one for the 82 mm, except for substitution of “60 MM” for the caliber.

There are also two variant rounds with normal primers. Headstamp of both is
"OP . M60 PT 7.9 MM." It has the normal primer with the usual PPU reddish-orange primer seal. One variation has the base totally blackened (except for the primer. I know little or nothing about the use of these, and how the blackened-base round differs from that of the plain base, since they are both identical in appearance other than the black base on one.

I have translated the letters on the headstamps, which are Cyrillic, in the typed version above, as I never have been able to get the Cyrillic alphabet onto this forum, even though I have no problem using it in emails and articles written in Word.

I have all four of these at hand, as my Yugoslav 7.9 collection remains intact.

All of these rounds are likely made by Prvi Partizan.

John, Thanks for the information. I did not know about the one marked 60MM.


John, the page from the manual is actually listing the 60mm, 82mm and 120mm (though the 120mm is using a shot shell type cartridge but the same subcaliber projectile).

Any chance you could show us your cartridges?

EOD - I will take a picture later today. I have been in and out today on family errands, and am going out again. The picture will probably not get posted for a couple of days.

John, no hurry and thanks!


EOD - here are the pictures you ask for. My headstamp pictures still are poor. Sometimes I hit a good one, but by and large they are like this - one of the stumbling blocks to me finishing my Makarov book. At any rate, coupled with my text explaining these rounds and the pictures, everything should be identifiable. The tips of the two large-primer rounds are covered in a dark, almost olive-brown wax. The headstamp pictures are in the same order, left to right, as are the cartridge pictures.

Collection and photos John Moss (but not proud of them. :-().

John, thanks a lot!

The one headstamped OP M62 VM-60 MM is designated “Osnovno punjenje za 60 mm vežbovnu minu M62” and made for the same purpose in a 60 mm practice shell.

These subcaliber units are still offered for sale by Krusik of Serbia. Who is making the propelling cartridges today?

82 mm & 60 mm:

It should be most likely PPU I think.