7.92x57mm for Ecuador

I recently picked up a few boxes of 7.92mm ammunition made for Ecuador in 1955. It is pretty clean and well made ammunition. Does anyone have any idea who made it??? The clip is unmarked.

Thanks for your help!!!

Cheers, Lew

I saw a previous reference to this being Argentinian-made.

These cartridges were made for Ecuador by Fabricaciones Militares of Argentina. No one seems to know what the “A A” means. It was originally thought that they were made for the Argentine Navy and that the “A A” stood for “Armada de Argentina.” The box labels prove that wrong. Aside from the ball and nickeled, fluted dummy, there is also a blank. These cartridges appear on a factory cartridge board pictured in one of the Fabricaciones Militares publications.

John Moss

John, I wouldn’t say that the label automatically rules out the original purpose of the cases, rounds, or bunter. Much easier to make new boxes or labels than it is to dump and remake rounds from a previous or cancelled contract.

Good and valid point! It could have been repacked. Let’s say, though, that we have seen no evidence, despite a close relationship with ammunition students in Argentina, that this ammunition was initially made for the Argentine Navy. We have good evidence that it was made by FM there, from the photo of the Cartridge board in an FM publication, and from inquiries made by members of AACAM.

Jumping late on the topic, but chiming in anyhow. The cartridges were “undoubtely” made here, and those framed sets are evidence of that.
Regarding the headstamp style it has no resemblance to any style used here, it was allways based on conjectures that it meant Armada Argentina, and also we never used that caliber…

cheers to you all, had been away for a while