7.92x57mm Functional Identification


1.) I found a 7.92x57mm with an F N 40 headstamp. I know who the manufacturer is.This cartridge is a little different and has a red primer annulus, a reddish-purple ring at the end of case neck and what looks like the remnants of a reddish-purple ring around the bullet tip. The bullet is a cupro-nickel FMJ type.

2.) Got another one with a green primer annulus and green ring around the bullet-case neck area headstamped F N 54.

Do these colors have any significance?

Thank you for any information provided.



your FN 7.9s with reddish-purple tip, etc., are tracers.

Your 1954-dated round with green PA and green mouth seal is a type sS ball. My specimen weighs correctly in the range for that loading, at about 417 grains.
Rounds with green PA and green tips are AP, and generall weight around 395 grains (total cartridge weight). The 1954 date is the only ordinary sS ball round in my own collection of FN 7.9s that has the green neck seal.

Hope this helps.


Thank you John.

You have provided most useful information.