7.92x57mm Functional Identity



Here is a 7.92x57mm that I believe is from Pirotecnia Militar de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain.

The entire primer is a deep green color some of which is visible in the scan. Is this a tracer? incendiary? ball?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.



Most likely just an over application of Primer Annulus lacquer on a standard s.S. ball.


Ron is correct that this is simply a primer seal. The colors of themselves have no significance in Spanish 7.9 regarding load identification. For a long period of years, the primers of these Spanish 7.9s were colored completely green. Most weigh in at around 410. to 414. grains indicating type s.S. ball, as Ron said. Special purpose rounds often have a colored tip - green is normally a tracer, and the cartridge weight will be less, probably around 395 grains.


Hi, heavyiron.:
I am spanish, I know perfectly this cartrige, in Spain, for keep out to humidity, the cartriges have a lacquer in the primer-case and the joint ball-case.