7.92x57mm Headstamp Identification



I found a 7.92x57mm with the below headstamp.

Any help identifying this headstamp would be appreciated. I used up all my own meager references and those on the web.




O.K. Let’s see if I can get this one right so my dear friend Dutch doesn’t have to correct me.

The Letter “A” is the important identifier here, and marks this cartridge, made again for the Spanish Civil War, as a product of Deutsche Waffen- und Munitions Fabriken, A.-G., Berlin Borsigwalde, who on ammunition made for the Deutsche Wehrmacht used codes “P131” and “asb,” and on commercial and contract ammunition the headstamp " B DWM B."

I knew I could that back into an answer if I waited long enough!

The letters “X” on the headstamp are posibly some sort of code to replace the letters “B” normally found on contract headstamps, or else they are meaningless and just there to further confuse unwanted eyes on the project.



Thanks again.