7.92×57mm id help

Can anyone help me id the manufacturer of the headstamp“11/M?”
Thanks very much!

Looks like Spanish Civil War Republican Manufacture???

Doc AV

I maybe punching into a hornets nest here,but there is a possibility that this stamp
comes from Csepel Hungery what later became part of Hirtenberg,but The (W) is
attributed to the Berthold+ Manfred Weiss Familie wich produced Ammo for the
Austrien Empire.I myself have 2 45 rounds with that stamp W17+W18 small and
large W and been wondering for a while myself.However I cannot fathom them
making 45 ammo at that time for the Allies.The same goes for that above 8mm case
even if it is or would be for Germany.

Sherryl, did you ever see the “W” of Weiss with parallel outer lines?

Sorry I lost you here I do not know what you mean,The ones I have are exactly the same
W as shown on the case above

I think I beginn to understand what you mean by parallel lines I would love to see
a genuine WEISS stamp on a case can anyone oblige

As requested…

Those two .45 M-1911 rounds with the small or larger “W” & dates of 17 & 18 were made by the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. of New Haven, Conn. U.S.A.

Thanks to bothof you another lesson learned,Jim to you in particular for showing the form
of that W.